About Us

Welcome to my Kitchen!

Welcome to my kitchen … you can taste the pride we take in creating our gourmet chocolates. All of our confections are made with the finest ingredients, individually hand-dipped and distinctively packaged. Personal attention is how we create the ultimate confection.

Inspired by an old family recipe for peanut brittle, Lori Murphy never imagined that she would run her own business. By experimenting with the peanut brittle recipe, she discovered that putting a bit of peanut butter on top of peanut brittle and dipping it into chocolate was a wonderful combination. Taking this classic brittle recipe a step further, she tried pecans in place of peanuts, smothered the pieces with caramel and then dipped this taste of heaven in chocolate creating turtle brittle. With this, in 1992, Ultimate Brittle was born.

Lori was encouraged by family and friends, and found tremendous support from various specialty markets and other corporate avenues to start her business, Ultimate Brittle. Soon after the incorporation, she began to experiment with various nuts, fruits, and cream centers, and different combinations of milk, dark and white chocolates, and found great success. Shortly after one year, the name was changed to Ultimate Confections to promote the ever-expanding line of chocolate creations.

For years, the home for Ultimate Confections was an industrial-equipped kitchen in a church basement. In the fall of 1995, Ultimate Confections found a new home in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisc., specifically in the Wauwatosa area.

Ultimate Confections' business relationships and customer base has expanded through word-of-mouth and their committed participation at the Wisconsin and Minnesota State Fairs local craft fairs, ethnic festivals, and the world's largest and longest running music festival, Summerfest , right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ultimate Confections has received many Wisconsin State Fair Seal of Excellence awards for our gourmet hand-dipped chocolates from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, as well as recognition in local newspapers, media outlets and the magazine, Taste of Home.

Our website is packed full of information about chocolate, the ingredients we use, events that we participate in, and other links that you may be interested in. Don't forget to visit our store to see what fabulous confections you might like to try.